Security policy

Money-laundering is an action of transformation of the money or other monetary tools received as a result of any illegal activities in money or investments which look legal so that their illegal source couldn't be tracked.

Procedures and methods

The purpose of a number of measures and procedures of counteraction of money laundering which are used by for identification of similar transactions is a guarantee that the clients using the services are equally identified according to the single standard. It minimizes both own risks, and risks of law-abiding clients to be involved in illegal actions of the third parties. positions itself the service helping the international organizations with fight on money-laundering.

For risk minimization, connected with money laundering and financing of terrorist actions, we categorically don't accept and we don't send payments to the third (that is not identified) persons. Each client to whom own account is assigned has the right to send or accept payments, using only own accounts, be: that accounts in electronic payment service providers, bank accounts, credit/debit cards. We have the right to refuse carrying out transactions at any stage, in case of the assumption that transaction is somehow connected with money laundering or criminal activities.

Adhering to policy "Know the client" we have the right to make identification of the client in system. In this case the client shall provide the documents allowing to carry out his identification.

The first document — the state identification document having the obligatory photo of the client. It can be the national passport or the passport for foreign travel, driver's licenses (for the countries where driver's licenses — the source document of identification, for example, the USA) or the local identity certificate (except corporate access cards). The second document which we can request — the account with a full name of the client and the actual address on it isn't more senior than 3 months. It can be the account for utilities, the statement from bank for any period or any other document where the full name of the client, a residence address which he specified in a profile of an accounting record is entered. For simple identification the photo format is used: A passport photo near the person, against the background of our website. 

Also identification provides confirmation of personal number of phone of the client.
Having undergone identification, the status of the account automatically raises, and the client has an opportunity to use all functions of system.

For prevention of a compromise of sensitive data of the client, loading of documents and information is made via the special interface in an accounting record of the client under the protocol protected by HTTPS.

Obligations of the operator of service for observance of this policy

Obligations of the operator of service for observance politicians counteractions of legalization and washing of the means received in the illegal way:

storage of history of operations of the client within three years;
tracking and identification of suspicious operations;
providing information on the client and his transactions to law enforcement agencies by the corresponding official request;
suspension of suspicious operation before clarification of circumstances and return of suspicious funds for the account of a source of means;
refusal to make suspicious operation.
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