Answers to frequently asked questions.
1) Where can I look at current rates of exchange?
You can find current rates of currencies on the page of exchange rates.
2) How many now is in a reserve of the necessary currency?
You can find relevant reserves of currencies on the homepage of the website.
3) How soon will you be able to fill up a reserve?
The most part of currencies participate in exchanges therefore direct replenishment of a reserve depends on exchanges.
4) How many does verification last?
Verification usually takes no more than an hour, but the delay to 24 x is in certain cases possible hours.
5) I have paid already more than an hour ago. Why still haven't sent money?
If you paid with cryptocurrency, transaction confirmation delays As soon as we receive confirmation of network on successful transaction, we will make payment are possible.
6) I have paid purchase of cryptocurrency. Why still at me on a purse it is empty?
After payment confirmation, we send payment, but some time, for confirmation of operation by network is required. Therefore after the receipt of the letter from our service that your application is executed - just expect completion of operation.
7) Where it is possible to look at the status of transaction?
You can check existence of the sent transaction on specialized services.
We give the list of services for each cryptocurrency below:
1) Bitcoin 
a) the reference 1 - transaction verification.
b) the reference 2 - verification of transaction and load of network. 
2) Etherium - full information on Etherium network.
3) Litecoin - verification of transaction and load of network. 
4) Dashcoin - verification of transaction and load of network. 
5) Tether - transaction verification.
6) Bitcoin Cash - transaction verification.
8) Why I can't exchange with Visa/MC RUB and Yandek Money after registration?
For exchange from this directions - it is necessary to undergo verification of the account. For this purpose it is necessary to load a passport photo against the background of our website and a photo of the card (only for exchanges with VISA/MC) against the background of our website.
9) How can I activate the received EX-Code?
For activation of EX-Code you need to log in in the private office at the EXMO exchange. Further to pass into the list of purses and the lowermost will be EX-Code. Press "to Fill up" and enter the code received in the application.