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We will only provide exchange, input or output of a particular currency that is in demand.

In all Your operations on deposits in any financial project You make at your own. For the efficiency and financial viability of these projects, we assume no liability.

Attention! Pressing the button "accept" You hereby acknowledge, that the wallets of sender and receiver belong to You.

Transfers in favor of third parties is strictly prohibited!

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I confirm that the operation is associated with only real goods and/or services on the Internet.

I understand that the service will not be responsible for the supply of goods and services by others.


1. Parties to the Agreement.

The Agreement is concluded between the online service for the exchange of title units, then the Contractor on the one hand, and Customer, in the face of the person who have used the services of the Contractor, on the other side.

2. List of Terms.
2.1. The exchange of title units — automated product the Internet service that is provided by the Contractor under these rules.  

2.2. Customer — private individual, that agrees to the Contractors terms and conditions of this agreement.
2.3. Title unit — a common unit of any payment system, which corresponds to the calculations of the electronic systems and represents the amount of the rights corresponding to the Contract of electronic payment system and its Customer.
2.4. Application — the information transmitted by the Customer to use the Contractor's assets in electronic form, and showing that he accepts the terms of use of the service offered by the Contractor herein.

3. Terms of Agreement.

This Agreement is organized due to the conditions of social offer, which is formed at the time of application by the Customer and it is one of the main components of this Agreement. Public offer of the service recognizes the displayed by the Contractor information on the terms of the application. Main components of public offers are the actions taken in completing and filing the Customer talking about his exact intentions to make the transaction on the terms proposed by the Contractor prior to the completion of this application. Time, date, and application parameters are created automatically by the Contractor at the time of completion of this application form. The proposal should take the Customer within 24 hours from the end of the formation of the application. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of receipt of title units in the full amount specified in the application, from the Customer to the requisite details of the Contractor. Operations with titular units are accounted for under the rules, regulations and format of electronic systems for the calculations. The Agreement is valid for the period, which is set from the moment of filing until termination by one of the parties.

4. Subject of the Agreement.

By using technical methods, Contractor undertakes to carry out the exchange of title units for a commission from the Customer, after the filing of an application by the person and makes it through the sale of title units for the persons wishing to buy them for the amount specified as not lower than in the application filed by the Customer. Cash Contractor undertakes to transfer to the requisite details specified by the Customer. In the case of a profit during the exchange, it remains on the Contractor's account, as an additional benefit and premium services for a commission.

5. In addition.

5.1. If the account of the Contractor receives an amount other than that specified in the application, the Contractor makes the recalculation, which corresponds to the actual flow of the title units. If the amount exceeds specified in the application by more than 10%, the Contractor terminates the contract unilaterally and all funds are returned to the requisite details of the Customer, taking into account the amount deducted on Commission expenses during the transfer.
5.2. In the case when the title units are not sent by the Contractor to the specified details of the Customer within 24 hours, the Customer has every right to demand termination of the Agreement and to cancel the application, thereby making the return of title units on his own account in full. Application for termination of the Agreement and the return of the title units performed by the Contractor in that case, if funds have not been transferred to the specified details of the Customer. In case of cancellation of the Agreement, the return of e-currency is made within 24 hours of receipt of the request for cancellation of the Agreement. If the delay in the return arose through no fault of the Contractor, Contractor does not bear responsibility for them.
5.3. If the title units are not received from Customer on account of the Contractor within the specified period from the date of submission by the Customer, the Agreement between the parties is terminated by the Contractor on the one hand, as the Agreement does not come into effect. The customer can not be notified about it. If the title units comes to the details of the Contractor after the deadline, these funds are transferred back to the Customer's account and all commission costs associated with the transfer are deducted from these funds.
5.4. If there is a delay in the transfer of funds to the details specified by the Customer, through the fault of the payment system, shall not be liable for damages arising as a result of a long cash flow. In this case, the customer must accept the fact that all claims will be presented to the payment system, the Contractor shall render his assistance as far as possible under the current legislation.
5.5. In case of forgery of communication flows, or to influence in order to degrade the Contractor's work, namely the software code, the application is suspended, and transferred funds are subject to recalculation in accordance with the Agreement. If the Customer does not agree with recalculation, he has every right to terminate the Agreement and the title units will be transferred to the requisite details specified by the Customer.

5.6. In case of using the services of the Contractor, the Customer fully agrees that the Contractor has limited liability corresponding to these rules of obtained title units and does not give additional guarantees to the Customer, and shall not be held before him additional responsibility. Accordingly, the Customer shall not be more liable to the Contractor.

5.7. The Customer agrees to comply with applicable Laws, and not to forge the communication flows and not to create obstacles to the normal operation of the software code of the Contractor.
5.8. The Contractor shall not be responsible for damages and consequences of an erroneous transfer of e-currency in case if the Customer had indicated in the application wrong details.

6. Guarantee period

Within 24 hours of the execution of the exchange of title units, the Contractor warrants for services provided, unless otherwise noted.

7. Unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that unforeseen circumstances arise during the processing of the Customer's application, contributing to non-fulfillment by the Contractor of Agreement, terms of performance of the application carried over the corresponding period of the force majeure duration. For overdue obligations Contractor is not responsible.

8. Agreement form.

This agreement is taken by both parties, in the face of the Contractor and Customer, as equivalent to the validity of the contract designated in writing.

9. Working with the cards of England, Germany and USA.

For the holders of cards of England, Germany and the United States, conditions of title units shall be extended for an indefinite period of time, corresponding to a full verification of the card holder. Cash during the period is not subject to any operations and in the full amount are at the expense of the Contractor.

10. Claims and disputes.

Claims under this agreement are accepted by the Contractor in the form of e-mail in which the Customer indicates the essence of the claim. This letter is sent to the specified on the website requisite details of the Contractor.

11. Exchange transactions.

11.1. It is strictly forbidden to use the services of a Contractor to carry out illegal transfers and roguish actions. At the conclusion of this agreement, the Customer agrees to comply with these requirements and in the case of fraud be held criminally liable in accordance with current legislation.
11.2. In case of impossibility of execution of the application automatically, not depending on Contractor's circumstances, such as lack of communication, lack of funds or incorrect data of the Customer funds transferred to the account within the next 24 hours or returned to the account of the Customer after deduction of commission expenses.
11.3. On demand the Contractor is entitled to transmit information on the transfer of electronic currency law enforcement, administration of payment systems and also victims of misconduct, victims proven by the judicial authorities of fraud.
11.4. The Customer agrees to submit all the documents proving his identity, in case of suspicion of fraud and money laundering.
11.5. The Contractor undertakes not to interfere in the work of the Contractor and not to damage its software and hardware, and the Customer undertakes to provide accurate information, to ensure compliance by the Contractor of all contractual terms.

11.6 The place of performance of services of exchange of title signs is the Republic of Kazakhstan.

12. Disclaimer.

The Contractor has the right to refuse to sign the Agreement and implementation the application without explanation. This paragraph applies to any client.

13. Data required when completing the order exchange

In accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 263 of the Code of RK "On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget" (Tax code) in the invoice, which is the basis for the setting-off of value added tax (hereinafter - VAT) in accordance with article 256 of the Tax code must be specified the following:
- sequence number of the invoice indicated in Arabic numerals;
- date of issuance of the invoice;
- surname, name, patronymic (if available) or full name and address of the supplier and recipient of goods, works, services;
- in cases stipulated by paragraph 18 of Article 263 of the Tax Code, the status of the supplier - consignor or commissioner;
- identification number of the supplier and recipient of goods, works, services;
- number of the Taxpayer Certificate of supplier on statement on the registration account under VAT;
- name of sold goods, works, services;
- amount of the taxable turnover;
- VAT rate;
- amount of VAT;
- cost of goods, works, services including VAT.