Exchange of VelesPay RUB for Advanced Cash KZT

This operation is made in the manual mode.

In certain cases applications can be processed by the operator in the manual mode. Processing time, as a rule, borrows, from 5 to 30 minutes in working hours (daily from 07:00 till 1:00 GMT 6).
The guaranteed operation performance time — 24 hours

Verification is necessary for exchange in this direction.

For exchange, you need to follow some steps:

Fill in all the fields of the submitted form. Click "Continue".

Read the terms of agreement for the provision of exchange services, if you accept them, tick in the appropriate box/click "I accept" ("Agree").

Again, check the details of the application.

Pay for your request. To do this, you should to make a required Deposit amount, follow the instructions on our website.

After performing these steps, the system moves you to the page "Application Status", which will indicate the status of your transfer.

Note: this operation will require the participation of the operator (see operator status).

Regards, Administration
Minimum sum of exchange: 2000. VelesPay RUB
In view of the commission payment system: 1.21 VelesPay RUB
Taking into account the commission of payment service provider you receive: 22.21 Advanced Cash KZT
The guaranteed operation performance - 24 hours, except for operations with cryptocurrencies.